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Recovery Hub | Network of Drug & Alcohol Rehabs

Recovery Hub represents a nationwide network of drug rehabs and drug addiction services, working to provide each individual in need of help with treatment placement. By working with drug rehabs all throughout the United States, we strive to place you in a treatment program that is best suited for your specific needs. Our vast range of treatment services will ensure that you are able to receive the highest quality resources to recover from your specific addiction. Our services include:


Recovery Resources

Our Mission

Millions of addicts suffer from addiction and alcoholism, and millions more are affected by it through family, friendship, work, and living their daily lives. Yet, only a small fraction of those afflicted with addiction actually receive the drug rehab treatment they need and deserve.

We consider it nothing less than a tragedy that so few addicts get help while so much help is available. Some addicts are not aware of drug rehabs and the services they offer. Some addicts simply cannot afford addiction treatment. Some are too stubborn or unwilling to break the cycle of addiction and receive the substance abuse treatment they require.

By providing such a vast network of addiction resources and drug rehab services, we strive to change this situation. First and foremost, our wide-ranging database of treatment providers makes sure that the best drug addiction treatment is offered to each addict, no matter who they are, where they live, what they are addicted to, or what treatment services they require.

Recovery Hub’s nationwide database exists to connect addicts and alcoholics with any kind of drug rehab anywhere and anytime. By working with most insurance providers and offering both cash pay options and financing to persons struggling with drug addiction and alcoholism, we guarantee that they may be placed at a top level treatment facility that is the best fit for them.

Addiction Recovery Support

Recovery Hub is here to support addicts, alcoholics, and all who have been affected by addiction. We have experienced firsthand how devastating addiction can be, and we know that recovery is available. We seek not only to connect addicts and loved ones with drug rehab services, but also to educate and inform all who have been affected. Our online community provides you with updates and information on addiction, treatment, and recovery resources.

Help is always available to those who need it. You can find help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year through our toll-free hotline. Give us a call today to speak to someone about your drug problem and we will do our best to place you in the best drug and alcohol rehab. Call us at 888-220-4352 to get help right away. We understand how addiction affects families and loved ones. We are here answer any of your questions.



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