5 Common Myths About Drug Detox

Drug detox gets a bad rap. And in some aspects that is rightfully so. Drug detox means letting go of the thing that means the most to addicts; drugs and alcohol. This not only is scary but also potentially physically painful. It only makes sense that drug detox would not only be feared but talked about in a way that sounds more like torture and less like getting well. But the truth is, drug detox is the first step towards getting well. Drug detox is where addicts finally get the physical and mental freedom from drugs and alcohol–and while it isn’t the most pleasant, it is most definitely worth it. Don’t believe the hype, don’t let fear hold you back. If you need drug detox don’t let these myths about drug detox keep you from changing your life.

Here are 5 Common Myths About Drug Detox:

1. It’s like a mental institution

That may have been true in say, the 1930s but today that is far from accurate. Drug detox centers today are not only developed and built to be more like day spas, they also are specifically put in place to make individuals comfortable. Detox from drugs and alcohol keeps many addicts in their addiction due to the pain it causes. Drug detox is made to get rid of most of the pain so addicts don’t have to continue using. Saying detox is like a mental institution is a stretch.

2. It looks like something out of “Girl Interrupted” or “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

This is similar to myth number one just add in the whole lock down, keep you there forever thing. Detox is not a lock down facility and most places allow you to leave if you really want to. Granted if you want to leave it is definitely against medical advice but you aren’t stuck there.

3. It’s painful

This is a bad myth. Why? Because what’s painful is not going to drug detox and trying to quit drugs by yourself. Cold turkey? Yeah, that sucks. Drug detox is a medical facility that is specifically created to not only help you slowly taper off drugs and alcohol but also to make it comfortable. Drug detox offers medication and many comforts of home to help in this process, actually making it less painful than if you were to try and do it by yourself.

4. Once you’re done with detox you’re healthy again

Drug detox is not the end and the beginning of recovery. Physically and mentally getting off drugs is great don’t get us wrong–but it is only the beginning. Most people don’t stay sober just because they went to detox alone. Drug detox usually should be followed up with some form of inpatient treatment or even outpatient treatment. This continuation of the recovery process gives the addict a much higher chance at success.

5. The detox staff is out to get you

Many people go into drug detox and forget the staff are human beings. Many addicts are under the subconscious or even conscious impression that the staff is out to get them and make them miserable. That isn’t the truth. The staff often times has had to go through detox themselves and are recovered addicts or alcoholics as well. Not only that but they want to help you–that’s why they work in the addiction field. The detox staff is not made up of your servants or people who want you to suffer–they want you to get well and will do whatever is necessary to help you with that whether it is what you think you need or not.

These are the 5 most common myths about drug detox. If you need drug detox don’t hesitate to get help and remember while it isn’t easy, it can be done. There are people who have made it through and will after you. You can do this. It isn’t as bad as people make it out to be.

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