5 Perks of A Christian Treatment Program

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For many who are seeking treatment for their substance abuse, their search for the best treatment center that fits their individual and unique needs can be a formidable task. In addition to trying to find the best treatment facility that offers the best combination of effective counseling, therapy and aftercare programs, there are some addicts who also seek a strong spiritual element as part of their addiction recovery program. For those who have strong Christian backgrounds, traditional 12 Step programs that are offered at many drug treatment centers may not provide enough of that strong spiritual foundation they need to help overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of Christian treatment programs that are available that will better fit their individual needs.

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What Are Christian Drug Treatment Centers?

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Christian treatment centers operate with the philosophy that effective drug treatment is possible by combining traditional alcohol and drug counseling the therapy programs with Christ-centered teachings. This merging of treatment philosophies is provided in a safe and therapeutic setting so clients can feel the unconditional love acceptance of Christ, and this love with help in the healing process so that the client can learn to forgive themselves for their addictive behavior. Christian treatment centers help those with strong spiritual foundations recover from substance abuse because both the rehab and the addict share the same spiritual values. Additionally, the counseling, life skills training and aftercare programs featured in these treatment centers strengthen the sense of fellowship that is so vital in a Christian’s daily life.

The Five Main Perks of Attending a Christian Treatment Program?

For those who undergo treatment at a Christ-based addiction treatment program, they will experience five major benefits that will help them succeed in achieving a meaningful long-term recovery.

Individual Counseling with Christian Focus

Individual therapy–or psychotherapy–has long been a staple of many quality drug treatment programs. This type of therapy allows the client and an experienced therapist to work together in uncovering the underlying roots of the client’s addiction and helping them find healthy ways to work through their issues. In a Christian treatment center, extra emphasis is placed on the concepts of guilt, shame and forgiveness which can be major obstacles for Christians who are struggling with their early recovery.

Bible Study

As with many quality drug and alcohol rehab programs, their treatment programs have a strong 12-step group foundation. This type of spiritual foundation provides a blueprint for those in recovery to move beyond their past as an addict and towards enlightenment and self-discovery. Christian drug treatment centers supplement 12-step work with in-depth Bible study in order to reinforce the philosophy that God can help them experience change in their lives. It is believed that certain biblical verses reinforce each of the Twelve Steps, and by exploring these passages in detail it will provide clients the groundwork to change their lives.

Church Services

The church is the spiritual center and anchor for all Christians, and it provides an environment in which a believer’s faith is nourished and strengthened. While church and other types of worship services may be a part of other secular-based treatment programs. they are an integral part of Christian drug rehab programs. Regular church services, in addition to speaker meetings, volunteer work and other related activities reinforce the belief that a strong faith and belief in God can help the addict become the person they were meant to be.

Group Counseling

Much like individual counseling, Christian treatment centers also employ group therapy with an emphasis on Christian beliefs and principles. In a safe and supportive environment, those new to recovery can voice their uncertainty and doubt regarding their faith and recovery. Within this environment, bonds of fellowship and friendship help keep those who are in recovery motivated to continue their journey towards lasting sobriety.

Family Therapy

Addiction is a family disease, and in a Christian drug treatment program there is significant emphasis place on bringing family together for healing. With family counseling and therapy, families can renew their faith in Christ and work on the underlying issues within the family unit that allowed addiction to bloom. Family sessions are held in a supportive, non-judgemental environment and each family member has sufficient time and given the encouragement to positively contribute to the recovery process of their loved one.

Turn to Recovery Hub to Find The Christian Treatment Center That Best Fits Your Needs

Christian drug rehabs can provide those with strong religious roots the tools, support and motivation they need to move forward as a person in recovery and a person of God. If you are looking for Christian drug treatment, the experienced staff at Recovery Hub will work with you to find the treatment center that fits all of your needs. Call us toll-free today and start making your recovery a reality.

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