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If you are suffering from addiction and/or alcoholism in Alaska, Recovery Hub can help you find the right drug rehab today! Alaska’s drug use and addiction rates are staggering. It has 1 ½ the rate of illicit dug use than the national average. In addition, Alaska has the highest rate of marijuana use among adults 26 years and older. It’s also among the top states for: past-month illicit drug use for ages 12 and older, past-month illicit drug use among ages 18 – 25, and past-year cocaine use among ages 12 and older.

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of all crimes reported in the state, involved either alcohol or illegal drugs

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of all jailed adults in Anchorage have reported abusing alcohol before their arrest

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increase in heroin seizures reported in Hospitals in Anchorage, Alaska

Drug Addiction in Alaska

The most common drug of abuse in Alaska is marijuana. It accounts for two-thirds of this state’s overall illicit drug use. In addition, about 30% of addicts seeking treatment at an Alaska drug rehab marijuana addiction as their primary drug of abuse. Close behind are opiate painkillers. Like other parts of the county, Alaska has recently experienced an upsurge in painkiller addiction.

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Give us a call today to speak to someone about your drug problem and we will do our best to place you in the best drug and alcohol rehab in Alaska. Give us a call 888-220-4352 to get help right away. We understand how addiction affects families and loves ones. We are here answer any of your questions.

Over the last ten years, Alaska has been leading the United States in the large numbers of reported alcohol abuse and related deaths.

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