Being Terminally Unique

sticking out

We’d all like to believe that we’re different. We’re the unique snowflake, the one-of-a-kind fingerprint, the goose that laid the golden egg. We’re the one person to whom the rules don’t apply. When we come into recovery, we immediately start separating ourselves from the crowd. “I didn’t use the same drugs as she did.” “I wasn’t as bad as that guy.” The same overriding thought is guiding all of these sentiments: the thought that I am unique. In reality, the fact is that I’m terminally unique.

What does it mean to be terminally unique? We’re unique in the sense that we’re different, but we’re terminally unique in the sense that being different can kill us. Terminally unique addicts are convinced that they don’t need to do the things that every other recovering addict has done to stay sober. Terminally unique addicts don’t have to go to substance abuse treatment, they don’t need to go to meetings, they don’t need to get a sponsor, they don’t need to work the steps. Maybe they attend substance abuse treatment, but leave halfway through. Maybe they get a sponsor, but never call that sponsor. Maybe they work one step, two steps, half the steps, but not all of the steps.

If we are terminally unique, we usually never recover. And then we wonder why that is! It usually never occurs to terminally unique addicts that we are not so different from everyone else. Substance abuse treatment and the program of recovery have worked for millions of others throughout history… but somehow we think we don’t need it! Being terminally unique is like buying a lottery ticket every day, but never winning. It’s as if we’re convinced that, in a world with tens of billions of people, our numbers will be the winning ones. The only difference is that the lottery doesn’t kill anyone. Addiction, however, kills everyone who’s terminally unique.

Of course we’re all unique in all kinds of ways. We all have our quirks and personalities, our beliefs and passions, all the little things that make us who we are! We just don’t have to be terminally unique. We don’t have to stand out so much that it kills us! Treatment works for everyone, so call Recovery Hub at 888-231-9174 today!

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