8 Benefits of Group Therapy in Addiction Treatment

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We cannot fully recover from substance abuse in isolation.  Having the support and encouragement of our peers who share our experiences is a tremendous benefit in helping us stay positive and motivated to stay on the right path. Because of that fact, group therapy is not only an important tool in drug treatment and continuing care, it can be instrumental in helping you stay clean and sober. The following are 8 tremendous benefits of group therapy in addiction treatment.

Built-in Support

Perhaps the biggest benefit of group therapy in addiction treatment is the support and encouragement that is received from those who share similar experiences to your own. When we start to recover from substance abuse, we continue to feel loneliness and isolation and can feel overwhelmed with the emotions we feel. In group therapy sessions, we realize that we are truly not alone and that other people just like us are going through the same thing. The group shares their stories, cheers each other’s small victories and provides support in times of crisis.

Work with Others

Another way in which group therapy benefits those in treatment is that it helps those new in recovery stay on the path to sobriety. The group shares similar struggles, and from those struggles individuals can come up with solutions to your own problems. When someone shares their problems with the group, there will be a peer who probably had gone through a similar experience and found a way to resolve that challenge. Eventually, each group member will start seeing things from a different perspective and they may find easy solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable.

Life Skill Development

Another benefit of group therapy is it allows individuals to develop the life skills that are needed to adequately interact with their home environment when they leave treatment. Group therapy gives those in recovery the chance to put into practice life skills such as anger management and other coping techniques. People will also learn how to communicate with others is a healthy and respectful manner. Additionally, you will learn how to truly listen to others and develop empathy.

You Can “Try Out” New Behaviors

A group therapy setting will give those new in recovery the opportunity to try out new behaviors and ways of thinking that are recovery oriented. They are also able to confront those old ways of thinking and myths about addiction and recovery they had held when you first came into treatment. If someone tries out a new way of behaving or thinking and it doesn’t work out, they have the support and guidance of the group to give you encouragement and feedback.

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One of the main benefits of addiction therapy in a group setting in the fact that you learn about the underlying causes of addiction. Clients will learn about the physical, social, emotional and spiritual consequences of substance abuse as well as the coping techniques you need to avoid those consequences in recovery.

Many group therapy session utilize cognitive behavioral therapy in which people identify negative behaviors that keep them stuck and give them ways to modify those behaviors. In a group setting, those who are newly recovering will learn to change your behavior in real time and transform them into healthy and beneficial behaviors. The added elements of peer feedback and support reinforces those changes.

Group Therapy is a Safe Environment

The most important benefit of group therapy is that it is a safe and secure place free of judgment. Your group is like your family and you share in each other’s joy as well as sorrow. You are free to share any and all of your feelings and feel a sense of empowerment to confidently step out in the world as a clean and sober person.

You Learn About Yourself

Group therapy in addiction treatment is beneficial because you can truly learn about yourself through the feedback and encouragement of others. Oftentimes we can have blinders on in regards to things that can hold us back in our development as recovering people. In group therapy, those in that group can tell others how they see themselves in an honest but supportive manner.

Do You Have Questions About Group Therapy? Is It Right for You?

Group therapy has many tremendous benefits and can give you the foundation to build a meaningful life in recovery. However, you may have further questions about this powerful recovery tool and if it is right for you. If you have questions or concerns, the experienced staff at Addiction Info is available around the clock to answer all of your questions. You can also visit our website and read our many informative articles and blogs about outpatient treatment and other topics related to addiction and recovery.

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  1. Earnest Watkins

    I think you make a good point how one of the biggest benefits to group therapy is the fact that there is a built-in support system. I’ve done some reading about how support like this can make a huge impact on the effectiveness of one’s addiction recovery. It’s certainly something I’d want for someone I care about if they were taking the steps down the road to recovery.

  2. Todd Stauffer

    I love how you said that group addiction treatment and therapy is a safe place to share feelings and things like that. Having a strong support base would be really important if you were going to make it through a hard time with addiction. You know that you have people you can rely on and who can help you at all times.


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