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  • outpatient detox

    Why Should I Consider Outpatient Detox?

    While most diseases are either physical or psychological, addiction is a disease that affects people physically, psychologically, socially, and even spiritually. It’s an encompassing disease that causes deterioration or destruction in virtually eve...

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  • stigma of addiction

    Words Can Hurt: Addiction Stigma Language to Watch For

    “What we speak becomes the house we live in,” the Persian poet Hafiz once said. But when it comes to the recovery and treatment of addiction, could words that promote stigma about addiction, be tearing down houses instead? Some advocates in the ...

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  • where can i work with a felony

    Career Criminal: Hope After Addiction

    Career criminal. Being labeled such a term after receiving a drug-related felony may feel hopeless, but that is very far from the case. Recovery not only leads to freedom from active addiction, but also a long stream of gifts in the form of mended re...

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  • krokodil drug

    Flesh Rotting Krokodil Eats Russia’s Poor

    Russia’s drug problem with krokodil and others is alive and kicking, yet there’s not much being done about it. A little more than a decade ago, Russian doctors discovered drug addicts with unusual patches of black-green, scaly flesh as if their s...

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  • crystal meth

    Ice Becomes Slippery Slope for Meth Addicts

    By: Shanae Hardy Not typically found in freezers and plastic cups brimming with a sweet beverage, this type of ice can be found in drug cartels throughout the US, South America and, most recently, Australia. Ice or crystal meth describes the crystall...

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  • National Recovery Month: Special Features by Recovery Hub

    National Recovery Month has arrived! For the entire month of September, Recovery Hub has a slew of series and special articles to highlight the struggle and beauty of recovery. The goal of Recovery Hub has always been to guide loved ones to seek trea...

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  • Synthetic Marijuana Poses Dangerous Threat for Users

    Synthetic marijuana, while under studied in both the medical and academic field, has again gained notoriety in the news as of late. The stories relating to deaths and emergency room visits attributed to this drug seem to grow every year. In fact, acc...

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  • alcohol-pills-help-sign-with-hand

    Mixing Alcohol and Prescription Drugs: Is Addiction Next?

    The dangers of mixing alcohol and prescription drugs are real, warns the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA). Actress Selma Blair was among the most recent celebrities to find this out, and her experience has underscored just h...

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  • hollywood sign

    How Fame and Drugs Fuel Abuse and Addiction

    In our current American culture, fame and drugs are universally tied together in most of our minds, leaving behind a subliminal effect on us all. It has become common knowledge that famous people abuse and are addicted to all sorts of drugs. In fact,...

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