Breaking free of prescription drug abuse

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Breaking free of prescription drug abuse takes much more than willpower. Fortunately, medications and counseling can improve the chances of success. New treatments like Suboxone, and traditional therapies like methadone and 12-step programs, are helping thousands of people stay on the road to recovery. The best solution to a prescription drug problem though, by far, is prescription drug treatment.

Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction leads to changes in the brain. Prescription drug addiction changes the circuits that are responsible for mood and “reward” behaviors. And long term prescription drug abuse basically effects all the systems in the body. This is why when trying to quit a prescription drug addiction most people experience withdrawal symptoms. These withdrawal symptoms are the main cause or need for prescription drug treatment that begins with a prescription drug detox.

Symptoms of prescription drug withdrawal include:

• Craving for drugs
• Diarrhea
• Large pupils
• Yawning
• Abdominal pain
• Chills and goose bumps (the origin of the phrase “cold turkey”)
• Nausea and vomiting
• Body aches
• Agitation and severe negative moods

Prescription drug treatment

The two main categories of prescription drug treatment are behavioral and pharmacological. Behavioral prescription drug treatment helps patients stop drug use by teaching them strategies to function and deal without drugs; it helps to deal with cravings, and helps to set up strategies in order to avoid drugs that could lead to drug use. When these things are laid out in an effective prescription drug treatment plan that involves individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling.

Some prescription drug addictions will require some sort of medication as a part of prescription drug treatment. This is especially true of opioid addictions. These pharmacological treatments counter the effects of drugs on the brain and can be used to help relieve withdrawal symptoms, help with drug cravings, and/or can treat overdose.
Although both prescription drug treatments work well, it is best when they are working together. The best prescription drug treatment will use medication at the beginning of recovery and will slowly move into more of the behavioral treatment part of recovery. Many people are successful after prescription drug treatment as long as they continue working on changing their ideas, habits, and lifestyle. Prescription drug addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life. If you or someone you know is suffering from a prescription drug addiction please don’t hesitate to get help. Recovery Hub is here and knows the best prescription drug treatments available to you.

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