Career Criminal: Hope After Addiction

where can i work with a felony

Career criminal.

Being labeled such a term after receiving a drug-related felony may feel hopeless, but that is very far from the case. Recovery not only leads to freedom from active addiction, but also a long stream of gifts in the form of mended relationships, new and healthy relationships, mental health, and even careers.

Despite acquiring drug and crime-related charges, there are many success stories in the recovery world that prove the consequences of active addiction does not mean it is the end of the road. Once recovery is met, it is merely the beginning.

What Is There Left to Do?

Yes, it is true that checking the dreaded box asking, “Have you ever been convicted of a felony?” during a job application will hurt your chances of getting hired. It is also true that a drug conviction can make you look even worse during the application and interview process since it is seen as being a more serious felony aside the other possible charges.

It is always completely necessary to deal with the charges first and foremost and to be as cooperative as possible with law enforcement and the judge. If you have a probation officer, it is vital to cooperate with them as well. Don’t be afraid to politely push for permission to go to 12-step meetings and to meet up with a therapist while trial is underway.

Nonetheless, it is not a death sentence. It just takes a lot of hard work and rehabilitation to counteract such a felonious charge. Some key ways to build your case that you, as a felon, have turned your life around and changed your ways is by going into a drug treatment center and doing all the hard internal work that it entails.

Twelve-step programs, service in these programs, and acquiring a sponsor and changing old, unhealthy behaviors are a true indication that you not only have and continue to turn your life around for the better, but you also did not give up. For any job, such perseverance is admirable and can truly make you a better candidate for a job compared to those who live with a crime-free slate.

Companies That Will Guide and Hire

There are companies that will hire recovering drug addicts who tend to be extra hardworking and reliable contrary to the stigma and stereotype that drug addicts are forever useless, untrustworthy, and lazy. Below is a list of databases that guide those seeking employment after a strenuous road of drug conviction(s).

American in Recovery – This company is a nonprofit effort to push for the hiring of those in recovery from addiction and substance abuse. It gives links to job seekers and employers and requires no charge at all.

National H.I.R.E. Network – This database assists those with criminal records and they serve as an information and leadership network that guides individuals to employment. Listings of government agencies and community-based organizations can be found here and can guide someone to get onto their own two feet in the face of unemployment.

Community Voice Mail – This organization provides a 24-hour voicemail service nationwide that serves to empower those in crisis and transition by giving job links, stability, and even housing.

Given the growing awareness of addiction being a disease rather than a moral deficiency, there are many companies and corporations that specifically hire drug felons. On the plus side, a lot of these places are run by loved ones of recovering drug addicts, or drug addicts themselves, which allows for extra empathy and understanding:

· Drug Treatment Facilities

After one has acquired a year clean of any substances in recovery, there are opportunities of employment in drug treatment facilities. In fact, a good majority of those working in treatment are in recovery. This not only helps the clients to better relate and get their good dose of recovery from those employed at the treatment center they attend, but it actually helps the employees in recovering stay clean, too. This can also be an easy stepping-stone into building credibility after a charge that can lead to further employment at a facility or future employment elsewhere.

· Creative Matters

Creative Matters is a marketing agency based in Los Angeles that gives recovering addicts employment with a purpose. Their motto is that they’re in the business of saving souls by spreading social good through creativity to better the world and help companies revamp their marketing.

There are many other opportunities for those entering recovery, or even those thinking about it. The key is take action. Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Career Criminal Success Stories

“This place is truly unlike any other office in the world,” Lily, 24, remarks to This recovering heroin addict who “[faded] away physically, emotionally, intellectually, and creatively at the height of her addiction” got clean, finished school, and interned at Creative Matters, which led to a full-time hire. “This place is truly unlike any other office in the world. We are family above all else. We care about each other and we help each other, whether it’s work-related, recovery-based, or overcoming some obstacle in our personal lives.”

Not only this, but owner of George Vorel of Envirosafe Stripping Inc. helped his daughter’s former drug dealer by mentoring him and bringing him to work each day.

“Sometimes we give them a second chance and welcome them back,” said Vorel on second chances. “Depends on the person.”

Another employee, a war veteran, was a former crystal meth addict of 13 years who also took advantage of this employment opportunity that contributed to his life changes in recovery.

Second chances are possible, but it is vital to be patient, even toward those that are not receptive to it. There are people out there that will support you. You just have to persevere and continue fighting despite rejection and feelings of hopelessness.

There is hope.

Hope’s Not Dead. Need Help with Addiction?

It’s hard to carry on after the turmoil of one’s drug addictive past and the consequences that follow, but that is not the end of the road. Recovery is merely the beginning.

Here at Recovery Hub we strive to help an addict in need and guide them to a life beyond their wildest dreams. For assistance today, don’t hesitate to call out 24-7 hotline at (844) 318-7500 today!

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