How Do I Choose a Quality Detox?

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Addiction causes devastation to the mind, body and spirit. The process of healing can at times be a lengthy one. However, once a person stops putting the drugs in their body, healing begins right away. This initial process is detox, and it can begin within just a few hours of stopping use of drugs and alcohol.

This may be a scary, uncomfortable time, but it is also a time of hope. You are finally going to be free from the addiction that has been controlling your life.

Once you have made the choice to get help, the next step often involves a detox program. This might be required prior to entering an inpatient treatment center. A detox program can last anywhere from 72 hours to two weeks or more.

The purpose of a detox center is to allow the substances to leave your system, and allow you to rest, heal and get some clarity. Most treatment centers require you to be free from drugs in your system prior to entering the program. This is for your safety as well as that of the other residents. Detoxing from drugs before entering rehab allows you to show up well-rested and with a clearer head.

What Is Involved With A Detox?
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There are both inpatient and outpatient detox facilities. The detox process depends largely on what type of drug you are addicted to, how physically dependent you are on the drug and what your physical and mental condition is.

For example, if your drug of choice is meth, then the detox process is simply a matter of allowing your body to cleanse itself of the chemicals while you get rest, hydrate and eat. Of course, it isn’t quite that simple. Detoxing from methamphetamines can be psychologically challenging. Your body and mind may be depleted, and you may experience symptoms of depression and anxiety.

A brief stay in an inpatient detox center can help you rest up, clear your head and get the support you need to move on to the next phase of treatment.

If, however, you are dependent on opioids or benzodiazepines, the detox process isn’t as simple as getting plenty of rest, food, water and support. Opioids and benzos produce a physical dependency and the detox process can cause very uncomfortable physical symptoms, as well as emotional ones.

In some cases, a longer stay in detox is necessary, and in other cases, an outpatient detox is the best option. In either case, medication may be prescribed to help you detox off drugs safely and comfortably. You may taper off these medications gradually, over a period of days or even weeks. It is important that at this point you are taking excellent care of yourself, getting enough sleep, food and liquids.

Surrounding yourself with people who are supportive of what you are trying to do is also important. If you are in an inpatient detox center, this care and support will be built-in to the program, but if you are doing outpatient detox, it is especially important that you practice good self-care. You may also be expected to enter partial day treatment during this time.

What Is A Partial Day Program?

A partial day treatment program is an outpatient program that you attend on a daily basis. You will be paired with a counselor or caseworker will work with you to develop a treatment plan for your detox program. Depending on the length of the detox and the services offered at the facility you may be in the partial day program up to seven days per week, several hours per day. The program may also be minimal in nature, only requiring you to check in with a counselor briefly each day or once per week, and possibly attend one or more peer groups per week.

A quality partial day program provides comprehensive outpatient detox services and a counselor who works closely with you to help you achieve your goal of detoxing from drugs and supports your ultimate goal of addiction recovery.

Why Is A Partial Day Program A Good Idea For Detox?

If you are gradually detoxing from drugs like heroin, opioid pain medications or benzodiazepines, it is important that your detox process be supervised by a physician and that you receive a lot of support for your recovery.

The detox period can be challenging and it is important that you have knowledgeable, compassionate people to support you on your journey.

How Can I Find A Partial Day Detox?

If you want to detox from drug and begin the process of recovery, Recovery Hub can help you find a medical detox center with a partial day program, and an inpatient treatment center that can help you overcome your addiction once and for all. Recovery Hub can answer questions about drug treatment centers in your area, or help connect you with a treatment center in a different city or state. Call 1-888-220-4325 today to find out more.

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