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Christian rehab isn’t for everyone but for those who really want it and choose it is there. And there are many reasons that you may want to choose Christian rehab. For the individual that has been suffering from addiction, choosing a Christian rehab may be in their best interest. Why? Because, a Christian rehab emphasizes and the role of God and the Christian path in recovery.

Choosing a Christian rehab or faith based Christian treatment program has the potential to allow an individual or family to fully recover and to bring joy and stability to the family once again. Spirituality as most know is the foundation to recovery; Christian recovery is the basis for some when using that spirituality.

At Christian rehab you are taught a bit more than just addiction and the science or behaviors behind it. Christian rehab offers a relationship with God, prayer, meditation, and bible studies.

  • Christian rehab will work one on one with clients to help them learn about the love and forgiveness that comes from having a relationship with God, and that personal healing begins with God and not self.
  • As for prayer, clients at Christian rehab will have the chance to pray with others, to learn to pray and also will be encouraged to commune daily in prayers.
  • Meditation is different from prayer and Christian rehab will teach the differences between the two. The focus of prayer is to speak to God, while meditating is the client listening to God. Meditation will be an important part of Christian rehab.
  • Bible studies at Christian rehab are focused on helping the client and teaching how beneficial spiritual scripture can be on the road to recovery. The word of God can help a client resist the temptation to use drugs or get high again. It can help break the cycle of addiction.

Recovering individuals are encouraged to utilize their faith in God as they work to overcome their addiction, as He is the most powerful recovery tool available. Christian drug rehab centers address the emotional, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction while reintroducing recovering Christians to their higher power. With a focus on the basic principles and beliefs of Christianity, Christian drug rehab centers combine Biblical scripture with the Twelve Steps to promote lasting recovery and spiritual healing.

At Christian rehab, God is the most powerful recovery tool, and the power of His love and forgiveness can carry recovering individuals to a successful, long term sobriety. Christian rehab doesn’t just have to be for the devout. Anyone can find sobriety, happiness, and faith at Christian rehab.

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