Corrupt Halfway Houses to Blame for Delray Heroin Epidemic

kids in halfway house getting high

Ah, beautiful Delray Beach. Sun, sand, art, and old people in nice cars they forgot how to drive. Oh yeah, and massive quantities of heroin. Several articles I’ve stumbled upon in recent months dramatically alert the public of the devastating upsurge of heroin abuse and circulation in the Delray community. And it seems to be true – the numbers finitely prove the increase in heroin-related overdoses and the ready availability of the drug throughout the quaint beachside town. 3 heroin-related overdoses in 2012 jumped significantly to 27 in 2013, and apparently, police seized more heroin in the first 2 weeks of 2014 than in the past 10 years combined. Yes, that’s pretty impressive, and somewhat alarming and a little bit unsettling. But why is heroin suddenly such a major threat? Is it really because local government officials heroically shut down pill mills only to have their plans backfire as native Delray opiate addicts desperately worked to uncover an alternative? Those sneaky homegrown Delray junkies! They done found the heroin!

Or is it maybe because as greed festers in what was once a respite for the sick and suffering, the corruption of fraudulent profit overpowers any remnant of devoted recuperation? Delray has quickly become the insurance fraud capital of the world, and every Philly-bred bumpkin with a hankering for heroin is shipped across state lines as soon as grandma’s pearls go missing. Delray is not only a destination for individuals crippled by addiction and looking for a last way out – it is a business opportunity for tattooed ex-cons looking to make some fast cash on excessive piss tests and capitalize on ‘second chances’.

The Daily Influx of Heroin Addicts Now Outweighs Available Professional Care

What I mean to say is, the city is now so full of court-ordered junkies (and unwilling teenagers shunned from their suburban Jersey communities for wrecking too many Bugatti’s) that overwhelming relapse is almost inevitable. The caliber of care in Delray has decreased as the number of incoming addicts skyrockets, seeing as quality is constantly compromised for quantity, and halfway house owners frequently care more about filling in their sick sleeves than making sure their clients aren’t banging dope in the bathroom.

Local drug dealers are not oblivious to the fact that hundreds of fiending addicts are trafficked into town on a daily basis. As the demand for heroin increases, dealers flock to the corners of SW 4th and Swinton, peddling product to halfway house escapees who know they’ll only have to call up daddy crying in order to re-enter treatment when their run is through. Of course there is more heroin – there are more heroin addicts. Interestingly enough, the heroin crisis, while undeniably exacerbated by dopesick 20-somethings, is not caused by the junkies themselves. Everyone who comes to Delray to get well is sick, and everyone who is sick deserves a solid chance at getting well. The money-hungry, for-profit Southern Florida drug rehab owners are to blame. Eyes that were once filled with compassionate tears are now crusted shut with the obscenity of pecuniary evolution, thus blindness reigns supreme in a town built on underground depravity.

Too Much Heroin, But Not An Epidemic… Yet

Essentially, yes. There is a lot of heroin in Delray – more than ever before. This is because there are more heroin addicts in Delray than ever before, and drug dealers can be quite the savvy businesspeople. We aren’t getting the addicts out of Delray anytime soon, they have become as much the city’s fabric as the leathery old Jewish retirees who sit on the beach and complain about the weather. What truly needs to be removed is the corruption – the covetous and unscrupulous men and women who have forgotten the true principles behind spiritual recovery and taken advantage of those who may not want to get clean initially, but have the innate strength to overcome addiction if nudged in the right direction. Before we blame the heroin epidemic on lack of proper policing, an excess of addicts, or devious drug dealers (they’re just doin’ their jobs, man), it may be a wise idea to look a little deeper, into the suspect institutions that claim they truly care. Of course, not all treatment centers and sober living houses are crooked. The town remains extremely salvageable, and with a little discretion and continuously resurrected benevolence, the heroin issue will become as distant a memory as that Thanksgiving you spent nodding out into the stuffing.

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  1. Maureen Fahy

    My son died in a half way house in Lake Worth in Sept., 2016. He overdosed in the middle of the night but was not found until 11:30 the next morning which was a saturday. I guess the house manager liked to sleep late. A roommate actually found him in a locked bathroom. The half way house is owned by Steven Johnson who owns several other halfway houses down there. A completely false account of what time he was found and what time my son was last seen alive was given to the police by the house manager. From viewing my son’s phone and looking at receipts that came home in his suitcase it is obvious that the halfway house was trying to cover up their total lack of supervision. The residents were coming and going at all hours w/o anyone paying attention. My son complained of a severe toothache to his counselor the day before and nothing was done for him. All of these halfway houses need to be shut down and they should be the subject of criminal indictments.


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