What are Different Types of Inpatient Addiction Treatment

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When you make the commitment to enter drug treatment to address your substance abuse, you are making a major commitment of both your time and money. There are many different quality treatment options that are available to you, and the program you ultimately choose must have the programs and support you need to effectively address your substance abuse and give you the best chance at meaningful long-term recovery. If you are looking for drug treatment that will deliver the results that you desire, the structure and programming found in an inpatient drug and alcohol rehab will give you the best chance at maintaining your sobriety.

12-Step Treatment Centers

Perhaps the most common inpatient addiction treatment program available is 12-Step treatment centers. The treatment programs offered at 12-Step based facilities encourage clients to become active in some form of 12-Step support group such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous or similar group in addition to the therapy, life skills training and other services they receive.

12-Step based addiction treatment programs are based on the fact that the addict is powerless over their addiction and substance abuse has taken over the addict’s life and their life has become unmanageable. In order to break free from their addiction, the addict must give themselves over to a higher power and accept the support and structure of a recovery group made up of peers who are experiencing similar situations to their own. My becoming involved in structured meetings and taking part in other recovery-based activities, the addict will achieve abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

Holistic Drug Treatment

There are an increasing number of inpatient treatment programs that incorporating holistic elements. Holistic inpatient addiction treatment utilizes programs and services that treats the whole body and views the disease of addiction in three aspects. The first aspect of addiction is that it is a spiritual disease in which drugs and alcohol attack an individual’s soul and spirit. The second aspect of addiction is that it causes physical changes in which the addict’s body and brain become significantly impaired. Lastly, addiction changes the brain chemistry of the addict and they become mentally obsessed with using substances.

Holistic drug rehab programs utilize the counseling, therapy and medical detoxification services that are seen in traditional drug treatment programs and incorporates alternative treatment options for a perfect balance of healing. Once the body, mind and spirit are in total alignment, an individual will experience optimal overall health and achieve total harmony.

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Long-Term Inpatient Treatment

It is extremely important that you find the appropriate inpatient addiction treatment program that will allow you to stay for as long as you need in order for you to completely break free from your substance abuse. Long-term inpatient treatment will allow you the time you need to fully address all aspects of your substance abuse. Long-term inpatient addiction programs last for 90 days or even longer depending on your unique treatment needs, and these extended treatment programs will allow you to complete the medical detoxification process and you can fully transition into intensive inpatient treatment.

By attending treatment for longer periods, you can fully acclimate and get comfortable with the rehab experience and you can feel more comfortable with the treatment process. By allowing yourself an extended period of time to immerse yourself in therapy and other treatment services, you yourself the best chance at achieving and maintaining meaningful long-term recovery.

Christian-Based Inpatient Treatment

There may be those addicts who yearn to reconnect with their Christian faith in addition to overcoming their addiction issues. There are a growing number of drug rehab facilities that offer Christian-based inpatient treatment to help those who seek recovery strength their connection with God along with their recovery. Those inpatient addiction treatment centers that utilize this philosophy operate believe that effective drug treatment is possible by combining traditional alcohol and drug counseling the therapy programs with a Christian-centered teachings. This merging of treatment philosophies is provided in a safe and therapeutic setting so clients can feel the unconditional love acceptance of Christ, and this love with help in the healing process so that the client can learn to forgive themselves for their addictive behavior.

Do You Need Help Finding An Inpatient Treatment Program That is Right for You?

The process of finding the inpatient treatment program that fits your needs can be a challenge. With all the options that are available to you, you may be unsure of where you can turn or who you can talk to. Fortunately, the professionals at Recovery Hub are available to you around the clock to answer any question or concern you may have regarding inpatient treatment programs. Call us toll-free today at 888-220-4352 or visit our website for informative article and blogs regarding addiction, treatment and recovery.

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    It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to helping a loved one with an addiction there are a lot of different treatment options to choose. One you mentioned, 12-step treatment program, I never knew this is based on the addict feeling powerless and helps them become more active. This is something we will have to remember when it comes to helping my loved one with their problem.


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