What Makes A Faith-Based Program For Addiction Different?

Faith based treatment program for addiction

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center it is important to choose a center that provides the services you need in an environment that you feel comfortable in. Getting treatment for addiction is a big step, and requires a certain amount of faith. The most important thing is getting the help that you need. Any reputable, licensed treatment center can offer you help with your addiction. Each person is an individual, though, and there is not one method that is right for everyone.

You will find that there are treatment centers that offer specific services and settings. There are rehabs that are gender-specific, meaning they are male-only or female-only, there are treatment centers that serve the adolescent population and there are centers that are faith-based, just to name a few.

What Is A Faith-Based Treatment Center?

In some ways, a faith-based treatment center is like any other drug and alcohol rehab. It is staffed by compassionate, knowledgeable addiction specialists and counselors. The focus will be on helping you to overcome your addiction so you can move forward with your life. You will be assigned a counselor or case worker who will assess you and create a treatment plan for you. There will be counseling sessions, both individual and group, as well as education and other recovery-related activities.

Most drug and alcohol treatment centers are based in a homelike environment with a focus on structure and routine. This routine helps to establish a sense of consistency, safety and self-discipline that has typically been missing from the often chaotic life of the addict.

Where a faith-based treatment center differs, though, is that it integrates spiritual and religious teachings into the treatment program. For example, a Christian drug and alcohol treatment program will approach treatment from a Christian perspective, and may use biblical teachings and principles as a part of the treatment program. The program will most likely have a pastor or minister on staff who will head groups and counsel individually.

A strong emphasis will be based on your spiritual growth while in treatment, as well as deepening your faith and reliance on that faith as a tool to help you stay clean and sober.

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Why A Faith-Based Program Might Be Right For You

If you are a person of faith who has been caught in the grips of this powerful disease, a faith-based program can give you the treatment and help that you need in a setting that is aligned with your values.

While a secular treatment program could certainly help you, a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program will be better able to address specific issues you may be having. For most addicts, guilt and shame are major stumbling blocks in recovery. For a person of faith, these feeling may be overpowering, and there may be a pervasive feeling of having let down that faith. This is an issue that may not be adequately addressed in a secular facility.

Addiction is an isolating disease, and if you are religious, the feeling of being cut off from that only adds to the isolation. Being in a faith-based treatment program with other people who are sharing your journey will reassure you that you are not the only person of faith that has gone through the struggle of addiction. You will find others who have also struggled with their faith and this can be a huge relief.

Being in treatment with peers who share your spiritual values can be comforting. Staff and counselors will also have a better understanding of your needs and can not only help you from a clinical perspective but also a spiritual one.

While there will be a focus on spirituality, there will also be standard treatments offered, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, which helps transform negative and destructive thought patterns and habits, and didactic group therapy, which is educational in nature. This, in addition to the spiritual aspect of treatment, creates a well-rounded program that may be far more suited to your needs than a secular treatment center.

Another aspect of a faith-based drug and alcohol treatment center is a sense of fellowship and community. You may participate in bible study, church services and other activities that will help strengthen your ties to the faith community. This can be a wonderful source of strength and give you a sense of belonging that has been missing from your life.

Finding A Faith-Based Treatment Center

If you are struggling with addiction, and you are a person of faith seeking not only recovery from addiction but also an end to the spiritual struggle that often comes with addiction, a faith-based treatment center could be the answer.

If you need help finding a treatment center that matches your religious values, then contact Recovery Hub to get connected to the rehab that is right for you. Call 888-220-4352 today for more information.

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