Finding Purpose in the New Year

Woman meditating on purpose in the New Year.

Acquiring a stable state of mental health is contingent upon uncovering a solid sense of purpose. If one lacks a sense of purpose, it is far too easy to fall into a state of depression and worthlessness. Not only does a sense of purpose provide structure in our lives, it better helps us to understand our behaviors and the motives behind them. You can use your determined purpose as a reference point for decisions and actions, taking into consideration whether they will bring you closer to your ultimate goal or move you farther away.

Everyone Is Born With An Ultimate Purpose

In recovery, we quickly learn that above most else, our purpose is to be of service to other alcoholics. It is also made apparent to us that without the maintenance of our sobriety, everything else in our lives is at risk. If an addict or alcoholic returns to drinking or drugging, it is likely that everything they have worked so hard to re-obtain (family, friendships, a job, material possessions, physical health, freedom) is at risk of being lost suddenly and potentially irreversibly. With maintaining sobriety and keeping recovery intact now shifting to the primary goal, one may find that all secondary goals are now immensely easier to achieve. When recovery is sought foremost, all other goals that seemed to previously allude the addict or alcoholic will incidentally be achieved.

With the New Year rapidly approaching, many of us are actively seeking a way in which to redefine our purpose to some degree – a way in which to redefine our commitments not only to ourselves, but also to those around us.

Here are some guidelines that may help:

  • Do I have a solid sense of spiritual principles that I live by and that are important to me?
  • Does what I want align with that set of principles?
  • What do I want the most from my life? What do I value the most?
  • Is it possible that if I place these spiritual principles first, new priorities will be revealed?
  • Could new priorities based on spiritual principles open up new opportunities – new opportunities for personally fulfilling action that may be gratifying to a degree I have never known?

Without inner wellbeing, it is difficult to achieve goals such as learning a new instrument or finding the love of your life. Take time to meditate on these questions in order to uncover a newfound sense of purpose in the year to come.

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