How Flight is Every Alcoholic’s Story

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There are only a few movies that come close to capturing the dark and gritty nature of being an alcoholic. The popular imagination is much more entertained by alcoholics’ adventures and misadventures, much more captivated by a rebellious and wild alcoholic than a sick and hopeless one. Yet, not every alcoholic can be Jack Kerouac On the Road or Raoul Duke Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Not every alcoholic’s story is so poetic and romantic; in fact few are. They’re hardcore and they’re ugly. And nowhere on the silver screen has this been recently captured as well as Flight.

Flight is the story of a pilot, Whip Whitaker, whose plane crashes due to mechanical failure. At the surface, it has nothing to do with alcoholism. Yet, minutes into the film it’s obvious: Flight has everything to do with alcoholism. Whip is a full-blown alcoholic and cocaine addict, and Flight‘s portrayal is sure to give every alcoholic goosebumps when they see it. He refuses to seek help or go to an alcohol treatment center. He continues to drink in spite of alcoholism’s consequences: he’s estranged from his son and family, and the post-crash toxicology report means legal punishment if he touches one more drop.

What makes Flight so realistic is that it touches upon the common experience of every alcoholic. There’s a scene where Whip goes to Alcoholics Anonymous, yet leaves because he’s obviously uncomfortable and crawling in his skin. Perhaps the most powerful scene shows Whip in a hotel room, completely sober. Bored and unable to sleep, wanders around and finds a mini bar in another room. We see his face light up as he debates whether or not to take a drink. After a moment, it seems he’s resisted the temptation and walked away. Then, his hand grabs all the booze and he drinks to oblivion.

Not many alcoholics have experienced the exact story told in Flight, but they’ve experienced everything that Whip goes through: the mental obsession to drink, the physical compulsion to drink even more. Every alcoholic has experienced the feeling of total dependence on alcohol and total powerlessness over alcohol. Alcoholics know exactly how Whip feels when, in his heart of hearts, he doesn’t want to drink. And they know exactly how it feels when he drinks anyway.

Without spoiling the ending, we can say that there are only a few destinations for every alcoholic: recovery, jail, or death. Without help, alcoholics end up six feet under or behind bars. There is a solution, and that starts with treatment. So call Recovery Hub at 888-231-9174 today!

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