How Is Christian Drug Rehab Different?

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Many Christian addicts and alcoholics choose to go to a Florida drug rehab that offers Christian addiction treatment. They find that, in addition to the advantages Florida drug rehabs offer, the sunny and beautiful setting in South Florida provides a serene atmosphere. This atmosphere is ideal for Christian addiction treatment and the Christian drug rehabs that offer it.

How Are Christian Drug Rehabs Different From Other Drug Rehabs?

If you are interested in Christian addiction treatment, you may be asking yourself, “What makes Christian drug rehab so special?” Does it offer any services that differ from any other drug rehab? The answer is: YES! Christian drug rehabs are designed to specifically help the Christian addict or alcoholic in their journey of spiritual recovery.

Meditation & Reflection

Many addiction treatment centers include meditation and morning reflection as a core part of their program. At a Christian drug rehab, these services are offered in the context of Christian faith and the Bible. Other rehabs will ask questions for reflection such as, “What have you done for your recovery today?” A Christian rehab will ask, “What has God done for your recovery today?”

Guidance & Counseling

Addiction therapy is an even more vital component of treatment at a South Florida drug rehab. Christian rehabilitation services also include therapy, but they add the extra ingredient of Christian spiritual counseling. You will not only be guided through your recovery process by a therapist, a sponsor, etc. You will also have a Christian spiritual guide showing you how to recover as a Christian addict and alcoholic.

Additional Services

Christian drug rehabs also incorporate a range of other services that you will not find at any other South Florida drug rehab. Each of these services pertains to the Christian faith and Christian methods of recovering. The most principle services are those of the Sacraments, which are always offered at Christian addiction treatment centers. You will have no worries about taking part in the Eucharist, Confession, and Anointing of the Sick. You will also be able to take part in Mass every week, and there is one or more ordained minister that makes up the administrative staff.

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