How Long is Addiction Rehab?

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One of the most common questions addicts and alcoholics have when trying to find a drug rehab is: “How long is addiction rehab?” It’s understandable that this is a concern for most people. Many addicts have families, jobs and lives…and they don’t want to be gone for long. If they are being honest, most addicts are also just scared. Their old environment is at least familiar to them, no matter how toxic it is.

How Long is Addiction Rehab?

How long addiction rehab lasts often depends on your insurance. The minimum length of stay at a drug rehab is 28 days. However, the most common standard for addiction treatment is 90 days (or 3 months).

Why Does Addiction Rehab Take 3 Months?

The standard of 90 days may seem arbitrary, but it isn’t. Recovery from addiction is a lifelong process, but the most major changes will take place over the first few months. During that time, you need to be in as safe and secure an environment as possible.

Think about it. If you broke your leg, which hospital would you trust more with your recovery: the one that sends you on your way after a few days, or the one that keeps you until you are ready to walk again?


Most addicts require drug detox treatment to medically facilitate their withdrawal from addictive drugs. Most detox processes take at least a weak, and some (such as benzodiazepines) take longer. It is crucial not to rush drug detox treatment, as it is such a dangerous process that must be thoroughly seen through.

Inpatient Treatment

At the inpatient treatment phase of addiction rehab, addicts are further stabilized with medication and therapy. This greatly contribute to the length of addiction rehab, and it is important to recognize that stabilization takes time. Psychiatrists must determine which medications you should take, and what dosage you require.

Therapy also takes multiple sessions in order to first establish a rapport and working therapeutic relationship. Then, addicts are brought to grapple with their fears and difficulties while also learning new skills for staying sober. Addiction therapy enables them to both move beyond their dark pasts and live sober and happy in the future.

Addiction Rehab is a Process

Recovery obviously doesn’t happen overnight. When trying to find a drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, it is important to recognize this fact. The length of addiction treatment is less of a factor when you consider the rewards it will bring: health, happiness and freedom from addiction.

Drug rehabs offer addicts a new chance at life. Given this reward, any amount of time spent in addiction treatment is worth it. It’s a small price to pay, and furthermore: it’s only temporary, but recovery can last a lifetime!

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