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Inside Addiction

Addiction is a multi-faceted disease that affects millions in the United States every year. Take a step inside addiction to learn more about all the different forms of addiction and its effects.

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Because addiction is such a complex disease, it requires several different layers to effectively combat it. Addiction is best treated in those who have a comprehensive and detailed understanding of their addiction and the next steps to take. There are many different routes one can take when dealing with addiction, however, those suffering should be aware of the process of healing it.

The disease of addiction is similar to that of a plague, one where it doesn’t recognize borders, state-lines, sexes, or social status. It can affect anyone, from the ultra-rich to the homeless. This is what makes addiction so very destructive, mainly among teenagers and young adults. Due to the mind-altering and deadly effects most drugs and alcohol have, addictions to them can become an extremely severe problem if left unchecked.

In fact currently, the United States is witnessing an opioid addiction and overdose epidemic that claims the lives of nearly 2,000 people every year. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, estimates that in the next decade the number of deaths to rise systematically if not dealt with accordingly.

Who it Affects

Addiction and substance abuse problems can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex, and race. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men between the age of 17 and 35 are typically more at risk of developing a severe addiction or substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, drug and alcohol addiction is also known to affect teenagers and young adults, specifically college students which is why their overdose rates remain so phenomenally high.

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    The User

    At the center of an addiction or substance abuse problem, is the user who is often struggling against the forces of temptation.

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    Friends and Family

    Although commonly overlooked is the effects that substance abuse and addiction has on the user's family and other loved ones.

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    One of the first people to notice and be affected by substance abuse and addiction, are the co-workers of the user.

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Inside Addiction

Take a step inside and enter the world of addiction. Learn more about the many different aspects that addictions take from workplace-related drug and alcohol abuse to food addiction.

drug addiction

Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is a chronic disease caused by the continuous use of substances, despite its consequences, according to WebMd. An addiction is often coupled with severe consequences.

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sex addiction

Sex Addiction

Those who suffer from a sex addiction may deal with an influx of behavioral or mental health issues that drive their sex cravings, sometimes interfering with work and personals relationships.

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domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Intimate relationships in which one or both partners abuse alcohol and/or drugs likely will end up on the path to harm and ruin by domestic violence. Substance abuse is often correlated with violence.

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homelessness and addiction

Homelessness & Addiction

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the majority of those in the homeless population have an alcohol or substance use disorder and/or addiction, showing a correlation to homelessness.

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As drug and alcohol treatment progresses to target every aspect of addiction, many treatment facilities are including dual-diagnosis care with their extensive addiction programs.

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young adult and teen drug abuse

Young Adult & Teen Drug Abuse

Nearly 40 percent of high school teenagers used an illegal substance at least once. In fact, nearly 60 percent of high school students have used alcohol until they fell unconscious twice or more times.

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LGBTQ+ and addiction

LGBTQ+ and Addiction

The LGBTQ+ community is one of the most heavily affected by drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Fortunately, there are LGBTQ+ specific treatment programs designed to help treat abuse or addiction.

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alcohol use disorder

Alcohol Use Disorder

An alcohol abuse disorder or AUD is associated with a person’s pattern of alcohol use that leads to distress and illness. The craving for alcohol is also a part of the diagnosis for AUD.

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workplace drug abuse

Workplace Drug Abuse

Problematic use of drugs and alcohol among employees has gotten more attention over the years, and the fact that some employees have substance abuse issues is gaining awareness.

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veteran mental health and addiction

Veteran Mental Health & Addiction

When it comes to fighting a war, one of the first things we notice and become aware of is the human toll it takes on our military veterans’ mental health and physical well-being.

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behavioral and mental health

Behavioral & Mental Health

While commonly overlooked, behavioral and mental health disorders can make substance abuse and addiction problems exponentially worse and even be the very cause of it.

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substance abuse hotlines

Substance Abuse Hotlines

Many suffering from substance abuse and addiction never receive the help they need because they don’t have the proper information on where to seek help or how to get it.

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phases of detox

Phases of Detox

Drug detox treats the physical dependence on drug and alcohol. The physical and mental barriers placed on the body during addiction can lead to diseases and mental illness.

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food addiction

Food Addiction

Addiction to food is a complex matter, according to the Food Addiction Research Education (FARE) group, and a variety of factors can play a role in why people become addicted.

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college addiction

College Addiction

Beer pong and college parties are a notorious rite of passage in the college world, but binge-drinking can lead to the evolution of physical tolerance, which is a key sign of abuse and college addiction.

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drug-facilitated sexual assault

Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Nearly 1 in 5 women over the age of 18 have reported undergoing some type of sexual assault at least once in their lives, reported the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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eating disorders

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders — anorexia, binge eating, bulimia, and other specified eating disorders—involve extreme emotions, brashness, and behaviors revolving around weight, body image, and food issues.

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faith and addiction

Faith and Addiction

Whether a recovering addict chooses to have faith in a Christian God, Buddha, or in the spiritual principles of a 12-step program, faith can play a huge part in a person’s success in recovery.

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life after treatment

Life After Treatment

Treatment can be a truly life-changing experience for a person starting recovery. Many individuals who make the decision to get help think that life after treatment is the end of the recovery process.

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