Why is Long-Term Addiction Treatment Suggested?

Substance abuse addiction is a complex and progressive disease that has devastating impacts on those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol as well as the people that love them. In order to effectively break the cycle of addiction, those who are struggling with addiction need the professional help and guidance that is offered by drug treatment facilities. In your search to find the treatment options that best fit your needs or the needs of a loved one, you have many things to consider. While factors such as therapy options, insurance, experienced staff and location are all important, looking a long-term addiction treatment is something that can be overlooked by many people.

Recovery is Not a Race

When you are looking at treatment options to address drug and alcohol addiction, it probably seems a little strange to think about putting a time limit on treatment. We know that recovery is not a race, and those who enter drug rehab should be able to undergo long-term drug treatment to give them the best chance at lifelong sobriety. While many drug treatment centers offer drug treatment programs that last for 30 days, pursuing long-term drug treatment has been proven to be more beneficial in helping addicts find lasting recovery. If you are unfamiliar with these types of programs, it is important to become familiar with what they are and how they can help those who seek recovery from substance abuse.

What are Long-Term Addiction Treatment Programs?

Long-term addiction treatment requires individuals to undergo treatment programming in a closely controlled setting for 90 days or longer. These treatment centers offer addicts a wide variety of treatment options, and will give them ample time to address the underlying issues that lie at the root of their disease. This type of treatment program offers more intensive forms of counseling and therapy, as well as comprehensive aftercare programming and support. For those who have severe drug problems as well as social and psychological issues that cannot be addressed in  regular treatment settings, they can undergo treatment at therapeutic communities where they can receive treatment and support in a drug-free residential setting for longer periods of time.

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Why Staying in Treatment Can Help Your Recovery

As stated earlier, many drug treatment centers offer programming that lasts for 30 days. However, this length of time that was established was not based on medical evidence. In a 2008 article entitled “The 30-day Myth” which ran in the L.A. Times, the 30-day stay in drug treatment had roots in military drug treatment programs and were established purely for bureaucratic reasons. Men and women didn’t need to be reassigned if they were away from duty for no more than 30 days. Other treatment centers followed suit, and insurance companies soon adopted this as a standard stay for inpatient care.

What is more cost effective and convenient does not equate to success in recovery from substance abuse? With scientific studies showing that patient who stays in treatment longer have better chances of long-term recovery, there are an increasing number of drug and alcohol addiction centers across the country who are offering longer treatment programs and are also firmly discouraging patients from checking out of treatment early. For those patients who pursue drug treatment for longer periods of time based on their specific needs, it will decrease the probability they will cycle between short periods of sobriety and relapse.

Who Can Benefit From Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

Not only is long-term addiction treatment ideal for those people who want to truly break the cycle of addiction, there are other instances in which long-term treatment would benefit addicts. For example, longer treatment stays would help those who have several failed attempts at drug rehabilitation. This is more than likely due to the short duration of previous treatment attempts and the lack of comprehensive and intensive counseling and therapy options.

Long-term drug and alcohol treatment can also be of great benefit for those with co-occurring mental disorders such as depression and anxiety. These disorders often lie at the root of a person’s addiction and these issues need to be addressed and taken care of if they have any chance at sustaining long-term recovery. Ultimately, longer term care at a drug treatment facility will allow patients to adequately heal from the physical and emotional abuse brought on by years of drug abuse.

How Can I Find Long-Term Addiction Treatment?

If you are seeking long-term addiction treatment, there are many places that you can turn to find the best options that suit your needs. Recovery Hub can provide you comprehensive information on a wide variety of addiction treatment programs that can help you find the serenity and peace that comes with recovery. From long-term addiction programs to quality detox programs and a wide range of therapies, Recovery Hub can provide you the resources you need to be well on your way to a new and healthier you.Call us toll-free today at 888-220-4352 for more information on treatment for drug & alcohol addiction.

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