What is a luxury treatment facility?

luxury treatment facility

In the olden days of addiction treatment, alcoholics and people addicted to medicinal serums containing ingredients like opium and cocaine were often committed to insane asylums and sanitariums to deal with their disturbing behaviors as addicts and alcoholics. Even as drug and alcohol treatment progressed, a lot of rehabs and other facilities still favored harsh, and austere measures in the course of helping a patient battle to overcome their addiction.

In this day and age, treatment centers in the addiction field have realized that there is no need to deprive people of luxuries and amenities in order to help them to recover from drug addiction or alcoholism. On the contrary, making someone as comfortable as possible allows them to focus on the work they must do on themselves in order to achieve lasting sobriety. The idea of nurturing the body as much as the mind is characterized in a few, luxury treatment programs

Being placed in a luxury treatment facility means receiving a higher level of professional care than you would at a normal inpatient treatment center. You have more one-on-one time with an individual therapist, smaller groups in group therapy, and access to a several other resources to help treat your addiction or dual-diagnosis condition. Some luxury treatment centers offer more personalized touches, like individual accommodations, so a recovering addict or alcoholic can get sober without the distractions of other client who may be less serious about their recovery.

Many luxury treatment centers offer specialized treatments in both the physical and psychological areas for those recovering from a serious substance abuse program. These can include: chiropractic procedures, acupuncture, yoga, massage therapy, and access to a fitness and wellness center in order to exercise the body and improve your overall health while you’re also working on improving your mind and soul. Specialized treatment outside of just physical exercise can mean things like meeting regularly with a nutritionist, to encourage nourishing the body as you are nourishing yourself internally through therapy and meditation. Many luxury treatment centers are located in idyllic areas where you have access to the beach of other nature settings, in order to maximize your time away from the pressures and hazards of everyday life.

Before embarking down any road of treatment, you should talk to a treatment representative with knowledge of the different luxury options potentially available to you, so please call us or contact us online anytime.

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