The Pros And Cons Of Out-Of-State Treatment

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When you or a loved one has had enough of struggling with substance use disorder and you’re ready to get help, your next step is to choose a treatment center. In some cases, you may have little choice in the matter as some insurance companies will only refer you to a specific treatment center in their network. If you do choose the treatment center, one factor to consider is location.

If you are attending an outpatient program, the answer is simple, you’ll want to choose a program that is nearby your home. But, if you are going to an inpatient program, you will find yourself choosing between a treatment center near home, or something further, perhaps out of state.

Should You Choose An Out-Of-State Treatment Facility?

For some people, choosing a treatment center that is close to home just makes the most sense. Staying close to home means that family can visit, and both the patient and their family may feel better knowing that they are close to home. For some, though, there are some compelling reasons to choose an out of state treatment center. Let’s look first at the pros:

Pro: An out of State Rehab Removes You from the Environment

For some people, a complete change of scenery is what is needed to get that fresh start. This means not being near old friends, using locations or other unhealthy situations. Being so far away from those situations can help change your mindset, and allow you to better focus on your recovery. It can also keep you safer, which may be especially helpful if you are fleeing a bad situation.

Con: You will be farther from Family and Friends

This can be challenging. If you are out of state, it may be difficult to get visits from parents, siblings, friends and spouses. However, in some cases, this isn’t a con. For example, if your family situation is volatile, the distance may, in fact, be a pro.

Pro: You’ll be less Likely to Flee or Quit Treatment

Treatment isn’t always easy, especially those first few days. Your cravings may be overwhelming. You may feel very uncomfortable. You may feel tempted to get out of there and go back to your old friends, or you may suddenly feel that you are fine and that you don’t need to be there. If you are just a short walk or ride from home or your old hangouts, it’s much easier to consider leaving the program as an option. If you are out of state, however, you won’t find leaving such an attractive solution.

Con: Difficulty Building A Long-Term Recovery Community

One of the benefits of treatment is that it allows you to make new friends who are on the same path as you. This may be people you meet in treatment or people you meet at twelve step meetings. Building a support group is important to recovery, and it’s important that you continue to build and nurture that support group after you leave treatment. When you go to treatment close to home, you can start building that community while you are there, and continue building it when you leave. It’s harder to do this when you are out of state, you’ll have to start over when you get home.

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Pro: Privacy

All treatment centers are bound by HIPAA laws and are not allowed to divulge information about you. However, for some people, attending a treatment center out of state offers an added level of privacy and security. This may factor into your decision.

Weighing The Pros And Cons

For some people, especially those who have struggled to remain in treatment in the past, going out of state may be the best option. For those who are trying to break free from the vicious cycle of substance abuse, and are also contending with volatile relationships and unhealthy situations, getting distance from the situation may be the very best thing.

For others, staying near home makes more sense. Weighing the pro’s and con’s can help you choose the treatment center that’s right for you. Of course, the most important thing is to find a quality treatment center that meets your needs and that has a solid reputation.

Finding The Right Treatment Center

Recovery Hub can help you locate a treatment center in your area, or in another state. They can help you find treatment that offers the services you need in your desired location. They only work with the very best treatment centers and are available 24 hours a day to answer your questions. Call Recovery Hub at 1-888-220-4352 today.

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