Recover at an Alcohol Treatment Center

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The most-often abused drug in the world isn’t a pill, plant or powder. It isn’t something you can   shoot, smoke or snort. It actually isn’t even illegal. It’s sold in almost every town in every state in America. This drug causes one of the deadliest, most heartbreaking addictions of all: alcoholism. Yes, alcohol is the #1 drug. Like other drugs, people use it, abuse it, and become addicted to it. And like other drugs, addiction to alcohol requires treatment − an alcohol treatment center.

An estimated 17 million people in the United States are either alcoholics or at risk of being alcoholic. What’s more is that the vast majority of them never get the help they so desperately need. Only about 15% of actual or potential alcoholics receive treatment. That leaves 85% that have never been to an alcohol treatment center. For those who have experienced alcoholism firsthand − they are alcoholic or they know someone who is − this fact is unacceptable. Alcoholism leaves misery and suffering all throughout its path. For the alcoholic, he or she is slave to a drug that is everywhere. For the family, friends and loved ones of alcoholics, they have to reckon with lies, hurt and heartbreak on an everyday basis.

Alcohol creates a powerful physical dependence. Alcoholics need alcohol like a diabetic needs insulin. If they don’t drink, withdrawal can induce seizures and be extremely dangerous. Even if they manage to detox, they still face the challenge of being surrounded by alcohol everywhere they go: at work, at social events, and at the supermarket. When they don’t see alcohol, they think of it, yearn for it, and obsess over it.

It doesn’t have to be like this. There is help for those who need it. The first 12-step program was founded for alcoholics, by alcoholics. But recovery begins with treatment. Alcoholics must physically separate themselves from alcohol. Alcohol treatment centers provide them with the care they need to get through this painful process. Then, they provide therapy to help the alcoholic deal with living a sober life. At alcohol treatment centers, alcoholics learn coping mechanisms and relapse prevention tools that equip them to be sober, happy and free. The first step in recovery is finding an alcohol treatment center. Recovery Hub is here to help you with that first step and find the alcohol treatment center that is right for you!

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