Reflection in Recovery via Jason Mraz

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Music therapy isn’t a myth, it really exists.

As an avid music lover and self proclaimed “lyrical connoisseur”, I often use music as a vehicle to relate my feelings with. There’s something about hearing my deepest, innermost feelings to beautiful melodies that can take me from my worst moods to a having a feeling of hope and inspiration.

One artist that I can almost always count on to lift my spirits is none other than musical genius, Jason Mraz. Not only is he really the only musician I would ever spend massive amounts of money to support and see live — but he’s a impressively nice guy who supports many nonprofit causes.

His 2014 release of “Yes!” includes a song titled “Out of My Hands”. This song brings to mind several principles in recovery that are relatable to anyone working the steps, teaching a sponsee the steps or having trouble giving up their will in times of uncertainty.

Have a listen below:


An excerpt of the song’s lyrics reads (or sings) as follows:


When it feels like life has gotten out of control,

When it feels like too much, too much to hold

When it feels like too much to understand

Know, that’s out of your hands, out of your hands, out of your hands


Was it something I said, something I did?

It must be over my head,

I didn’t quite understand it

Now it’s out of my hands, it’s out of my hands.”

The first word I think of is unmanageability. Active addiction and the road that leads to it are full of feeling completely out of control. Even in sobriety and recovery, sometimes it is easy to feel as though there is too much going on at once. I constantly must remind myself that life IS truly on life’s terms and everything is all out of my control — or “out of my hands.” Though I may not understand the chaos that especially early recovery brings,
sometimes its that very chaos that will be remembered as the most pivotal point in my life.


Mraz, himself, is no stranger to these thoughts. Not only did he write the lyrics, but he
shares these feelings relating to addiction as has publicly battled with drugs and suicidal ideations.  In 2009, he told told The Sun: “I’m only human, you know. I’ve certainly had dark periods in my life, and I could probably again. But, at the moment, I really get off on the purity thing.” He agrees that its the little things in life that
mean the most to be happy, joyous and free.

If you’re struggling with addiction or recovery, remember you’re not alone. Remember that life will happen as Life sees fit — so you might as well agree with it. It’s out of your hands.

What about you? What songs to you relate to your addiction? Or which artists help motivate you in Recovery?


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  1. I read through the article and it was amazing! I was reading another article about music therapy for addicts and alcoholics that got me curious about this and had me do some more research.

    Should anyone else be interested to see how this would help others here’s the page I looked at

    Maybe this can help touch someone else who is struggling with addiction and thinks music can be an outlet to their recovery!


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