Religion & Recovery from Addiction

Religious Symbols

Some people might think there is too much God in the 12 steps. However, other people come into recovery with strong religious convictions. There have even been priests, nuns and monks who have been afflicted with addiction. Remember that addiction and alcoholism don’t discriminate. Addiction come in all shapes and sizes: addicts are men and women, adolescents and adults, believers and non-believers. Among the believers, there is much variety: Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, and countless other types.

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and all other 12-step fellowships are non-sectarian. This means that they have no affiliation with any politics, ideology, or religion. Therefore, religious people should have no qualms about recovery from addiction interfering with their religion. Casual reference to “God” in the 12 steps can be their own conception of God. If they know “God” by another name, then that will suffice, as well.

Some religious people struggling with addiction choose to go to a treatment center that specifically attends to their spiritual needs. For example, there are a variety of Christian drug rehabs. When choosing the right treatment center, devout Christians might choose Christian addiction treatment centers. Going to treatment can be intimidating, but Christian rehabs provide an environment that is at least slightly familiar. Addicts can attend mass, pray together, and engage in sacraments. These facilities also provide the added benefit of guiding the newly sober addict in their spiritual journey. Religious addicts are prone to wonder why their faith did not save them − why they chose the drink or drug over God. Working within their own belief system, these addicts discover where they fell short in their faith. More importantly, they learn how to apply familiar faith-based principles to their recovery.

Christian addiction treatment centers are just one of the many faith-based approaches to recovery. There are many others, so there should be one for you if you are a religious addict! To find the right substance abuse treatment, call 888-991-6570 today!

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