Why Should I Share?

Share in meetings to protect your sobriety.

A big part of recovery from alcoholism and addiction is becoming involved with other individuals who have suffered through the same or exceedingly similar experiences. As alcoholics with the same common goal of staying sober, it is our responsibility to be of service to those who are trying to obtain the same ultimate objective but potentially struggling more. There are many ways that we can be of service to other alcoholics – many ways that you may not even consider as helpful as they truly are. One of the best ways to be of service to those around you is to share your experience, strength, and hope at meetings. You never know when something you say will strike a serious chord with someone else in the room, and profoundly change his or her life for the better. In many instances, you will unwittingly touch upon a subject that at least one other individual has been grappling with himself or herself, who will not only form an immediate sense of camaraderie but also help you and the others who relate to you not feel so alone.

Sharing Helps Everyone Who Listens

Additionally, not only does sharing your experiences greatly help those around you, but it also helps you to a greater degree than you probably imagine. Raising your hand in a meeting indicates to those around you that you have an important message to share – or are struggling in a certain area and are reaching out in order to receive help from those who may have been in similar situations at one point or another. Reaching out is a crucial component of maintaining sobriety and bolstering recovery. Asking for help when you need it is the most effective way to immediately and successfully overcome all obstacles. Try not to assume that what you are going through is unique – guaranteed at least one other person in the room has been through something similar if not identical.

Share About Everything – All The Time

Sharing does not only need to be limited to 12-step meetings, of course. You should have a small (or massive) collection of telephone numbers on-hand of sober supports you can call anytime you need advice, or simply need to get something off of your chest. Talking through any issues you may have is by far the most effective way to sort them out. In many cases, simply hearing yourself say something out loud will help you come to a clear and quick decision on the matter at hand. Share in meetings, share with your friends, just be sure to talk about it! You will inevitably be helping others as well as yourself.

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