Spiritual Growth: Seeking a Higher Power

Spiritual growth and seeking a higher power.

Recovery from alcoholism and addiction revolves entirely around spiritual growth. The last three steps followed in Alcoholics Anonymous promote and facilitate spiritual growth, and the twelve steps as a whole have been described as AA founder Bill W. as a “simple set of spiritual tools laid at out feet.” By staying in a constant state of spiritual health, the likelihood of relapse is exceedingly slim. But how does one obtain spiritual wellbeing? A relationship with some kind with a higher power of your understanding seems to be a logical first step. For those who come from non-religious backgrounds or who have lost faith in something greater along the way, establishing a relationship with something you cannot necessarily see, understand, or explain can be quite difficult. Here are several ways in which you can seek – seek a relationship with something greater. Communicate with a power outside of your own personal being.

How to Seek A Relationship With a Higher Power

  • Go to church and sing, sing in the shower, take a long drive and sing to the car radio at the top of your lungs. Singing can be a highly spiritual experience for some. You don’t need a good voice to experiment, either. Go somewhere no one can hear you and belt away.
  • Sign up for a dance class, put on your favorite album and flail about your room in your underwear, waltz alone on the beach at midnight. Similarly to singing, dancing can be a healthy and effective form of spiritual communication.
  • Spend time in nature. For many, some aspect of the outdoors serves as a higher power – the infinite ocean, the inexplicable beauty of the sky, the monstrous redwood trees that occupy the endless forests. It is hard to argue that the power nature beholds is comparable to your own. Explore the outdoors, meditate, and become one with the world.
  • Help someone in need. Human compassion is a breathtaking example of spirituality.
  • This one may seem rather unappealing to someone who has avoided spirituality like the plague since childhood. However, it is important to remember that spirituality is vastly different than religion. Do not be put off by the concept of religious prayer. Pray to say thank you to the universe for waking you up this morning, or simply say “thank you” if that is all you can muster for now.

Seeking spirituality does not have to be some weird and epic journey you go on into the wilderness for several days, living off the land and dancing with the stars like some kinda hippie shmuck. Of course, if you’re into that, go for it. Do what feels right, and don’t be afraid to experiment. Forming a spiritual connection with a higher power will inevitably serve you and your recovery for years to come.

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