Understanding Partial Day Treatment for Addiction

Recovery from addiction can be approached several different ways. From the person who quits “cold turkey” with no support, to long-term, inpatient treatment, there is no one right way to get clean and sober.

With that said, professional help in a supportive environment is often the best way to overcome addiction. It is helpful to address the underlying issues around your addiction, learn new coping skills and get as much support and education as possible. These things can help you not only stay sober successfully, but also feel better, more confident and more balanced.

Choosing the right path for treatment can be confusing. Which is best for you? Outpatient? Inpatient? Sometimes your choices will be dictated by circumstances, such as insurance coverage or personal responsibilities. For people who are unable, for whatever reason, to commit to an inpatient facility, partial day treatment is often the next choice.

What Is Partial Day Treatment?

Partial day treatment is also known as partial hospitalization treatment (PHP) and is a type of outpatient treatment. Partial day treatment programs vary depending on the program and the needs of the individual. Some programs are very time-intensive, lasting from morning till late afternoon, and may include weekend and evening sessions as well. Some may have schedules that are set up to accommodate traditional work schedules, with sessions in the evenings.

The one thing that all partial day treatment programs have in common is that instead of staying at the program as you would do with an inpatient treatment center, you return home at the end of your session.

Typically, a partial day treatment program is more intensive than an outpatient program, which may have sessions only once or twice a week. A PHP will most often consist of daily sessions that last a good portion of the day.

Why Choose A Partial Day Treatment Program?

woman leading partial day treatment program

The most common reasons for choosing this kind of program are an inability to enter inpatient treatment due to employment or family responsibilities. Other reasons may include medical issues and insurance or cost limitations.

In some cases, a person simply isn’t willing to attend inpatient treatment. While an inpatient program is often the recommended course of action for those able to do it, it’s not for everyone.

What Happens At A Partial Day Treatment Program?

A day program for addiction offers many of the same services that you would find at an inpatient treatment center. PHP participants will have a counselor or caseworker that they will work with for the duration of the program.

You will work with your counselor to develop an individual treatment plan based on your needs. You will receive regular counseling and will attend groups with other peers in the program. These groups may include topics such as relapse prevention, self-care, coping with triggers, relationships, communication, self-care and anger management. There may be parenting classes and other life skills training available.

Support from peers is often cited as one of the most powerful aspects of treatment, along with the structured environment. Having a place to go on a regular basis, being accountable and getting support from like-minded individuals can help you get and stay clean and sober. In most programs, you will be required to submit regular urine samples to ensure that you are not using.

The duration of the program can be anywhere from a few weeks to several months. You may start out with daily sessions and over time they may be reduced to a lighter schedule. Each program is different.

How Can Partial Day Treatment Help?

A partial day treatment program can give you the support you need while still allowing you to remain employed or care for family members. Parents of young children are often good candidates for a partial day program. Some programs offer childcare or allow you to bring children with you.

Most PHP’s offer access to resources that can be helpful to those who are starting over have recently been incarcerated and who need help and support while looking for housing and employment. This can be incredibly helpful as difficulty finding adequate housing or a job can increase the chances of relapse.

If you are struggling with addiction and have found that willpower isn’t enough, a partial day program can be the push you need to get sober. You will get support and learn new habits and skills that can help you build a good foundation of recovery. Ideally, you will live in an environment that is clean and sober while you are in treatment, or that is at least supportive of your recovery.

What To Look For In A Partial Day Treatment Program

A program that has hours that will work for you is a good start. If you have special needs, you will want to find a program that can address them. For example, if you are the parent of a young child, you will want to find a program that caters to parents. You may want a program that is familiar with co-occurring disorders if you have any mental health issues, and so on.

Finding A Partial Day Treatment Program For Addiction

If you are looking for a partial day treatment program or any other type of treatment, Recovery Hub can help you connect with the program that is right for you. Call 1-888-220-4352 to speak to someone today. Get answers to your questions about treatment, and get started on your journey to recovery.

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