Up, Up and Away: 7 Reasons Relocating for Drug Rehab is Beneficial

traveling for rehab

By: Shanae Hardy

After living in the same city all your life and being in sync with its locals, congested highways, and even those notorious corners where drug packets are covertly slid from hand to hand, the reality of relocating for rehab can seem like a yank back into uncertainty.

For those living in states located in the South and Midwest, such as Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Missouri, moving to a larger city can be intimidating.

After speaking with a counselor, family members, or an on-call addiction specialist, you may be on the verge of finally taking a leap into treatment and recovery—until you realize that the luxury rehab center with the three pools and beach yoga is located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

But it’s important to remain open-minded, especially when your life is weighing on the balance between moving and possibly being sucked back into the vortex of addiction.

Here are seven reasons why moving can actually benefit your recovery.

Moving away isolates you from old enablers

Moving thousands of miles away from your city may be the only chance you have to get away from familiar drug dealers and enabling friends and family members. Relearning a city and its culture can teach you how to make rational decisions and practice self-control.

Finally, gain a sense of independence

For a young heroin or meth addict ages 18 to 28, being in a different location will cause them to solely rely on their own rational logic, without the influence of enablers, friends and family members. This time, the journey you embark on will directly affect you, which can allow you to mature and evolve into the adult you’ve struggled to become.

Form healthier habits and routines

Your days of attending school, work, or scavenging the city for your next fix are over. In a new city with new faces, you will have the opportunity to live with sober roommates and friends who will help keep you accountable. Instead of getting high in the evening with a former friend or partner, attend fellowship meetings with a mentor.

 Get involved in activities that spark your interest

Many opioid addicts start abusing pain pills after being prescribed the medication to help with pain from an injury or surgery. Unfortunately, this is only the start of a downward cycle that eventually leads addicts to heroin or fentanyl use. While in recovery, don’t be afraid to retry old activities, such as dance, soccer, singing, or basketball. You may have lost the opportunity to develop your talent, but starting over will reawaken your purpose.

Revel in a new environment without distractions

For some addicts who may have experienced several relapses after being released back into familiar territory, a different city will vanish those former distractions. It will become harder to want to cave into drug or alcohol urges when you don’t know where or who you can get them from. Use this opportunity to learn new behavioral habits–such as yoga, meditation, attending church or a fellowship–to respond to those urges.

Venture into new hobbies, adventures

Attending treatment at an out-of-state rehab center will allow you to try things out of your norm. If you’re from a small town in Kansas, you may have never gone surfing at a beach or hiked a mountain. Finding solace in a new environment and its landscape will perpetuate more peaceful and calm thoughts, which can ultimately positively affect your day.

According to an article in the Huffington Post, Eckhart Tolle, a spiritual teacher and author of “The Power of Now and a New Earth,” explained that experiencing nature allows us to connect to our stillness, transcending distracting, limiting thoughts.

Reshape your reputation and start over

It may seem far-fetched to think you can literally start from scratch and forget about past mistakes. Although you can’t erase the pages of the past, relocating allows you to start from a clean slate. You can make amends with those you’ve hurt, and also build new, healthier work relationships and friendships. Dive into a new career, enroll in school, or focus on piecing together the jigsaw puzzle of your life.

Life is a beautiful journey full of mishaps, failures, victories, and priceless moments. Learning to navigate over its mountains and trek through muggy downfalls are necessary for coping with negativity and remaining sober. In a different city, the paths to either old destructions or a new construct of life will be waiting—it’s your choice to make.

Need help finding drug treatment?

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  1. Parker

    I couldn’t agree more with this article. Getting out of my hometown was one of the best things I’ve done for my recovery. A geographical change is definitely not a cure-all, but it got me away from the people, places, and things long enough for me to make a change. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What if you are married and your spouse says they need to move to another state to prevent a relapse back to old hangouts, family , and people who make it easy to go back to doing the samething


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