A Few Ways to Find an Addiction Treatment Program

If you are struggling with substance abuse, it no doubt is having devastating impacts on your life and  the lives of those that you love. You may have tried quitting substances on your own or may have attempted drug treatment in the past but have been unable to sustain your sobriety. Addiction is a chronic disease which grows worse with each day, and you know that you need to find help immediately before your life completely falls apart. If you are seeking help for your addiction, finding a quality addiction treatment program is your best chance at addressing the underlying issues of your addiction.

While drug treatment is the key to recovery, you may be unsure of what to look for in regards to finding an alcohol and rehab that fits your unique needs. With all the choices in treatment options and programs that are available, finding the right addiction treatment program can be an overwhelming process that can be filled with frustration. This article will outline the basic and essential guidelines in choosing an alcohol and drug rehab that best fits your specific and unique needs. If you have further questions on finding an addiction treatment program, call the addiction professionals at Addiction Information toll-free today.

Helpful Tips to Find an Addiction Treatment Program

Perhaps the most common pitfall in finding the right addiction treatment facility is not knowing who to turn to if you have questions. Being able to turn to trusted professionals that can give you sound advice will give you tremendous piece of mind. As a start, you should talk to your doctor or physician and see what resources they can point you towards to help in your search. You should also contact your health insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage when it comes to addiction treatment. For many people who are seeking an addiction treatment program, the price of treatment can cause a considerable amount of “sticker shock”.

Under the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA), addiction treatment is considered an essential part of medical care and is completely or at least partially covered under most health plans. In the event that you are underinsured or even uninsured, many drug and alcohol treatment centers offer those who are seeking treatment alternative means to pay for their services. Whether it is through a sliding fee scale or some form of financial assistance or scholarship, many facilities that offer addiction treatment programs firmly believe that all people should receive the help and support they need to address and overcome their substance abuse regardless of their ability to pay.

Another place where you can turn in finding an addiction treatment program is your employer. Many employers offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) that offer services that are specifically designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems including substance abuse issues. If you are having difficulty in finding an addiction treatment program or facility that will meet your specific needs, you can also turn to your local hospital, mental health facility or community health centers. You can also turn to people in 12-Step programs that have considerable recovery time and ask them which facilities offer the best addiction treatment programs.

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Additional Resources That Can Help You

In addition to local resources, there are also state and national agencies that you can turn to in finding drug and alcohol treatment programs. If you are looking for treatment programs in your state, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a State Substance Abuse Agency directory in which you can find toll-free numbers, treatment center phone numbers and websites as well as information on whether the facility that you are looking at has the proper accreditation and licenses to operate in your state. SAMHSA also offers those seeking treatment a substance abuse facility treatment locator where you can search for quality treatment facilities nationwide.

No matter where you turn to in your search from drug and alcohol treatment programming, you must be thorough and ask the appropriate professionals the questions you need answered in finding the best treatment options. When you make the commitment to a treatment facility to undergo addiction treatment, you are making a major commitment of both your time and money. You want to be absolutely sure that the rehab you attend will have the services and care you need to address your addiction issues the first time around.

Do You Have Further Questions? Recovery Hub Can Help!

Finding addiction treatment should not be a time filled with stress and anxiety. If you are in need of assistance, call Recovery Hub toll-free today 888-220-4352 and speak with one of our experienced member representatives. Our customer service team as many years experience in the addiction treatment field and can provide you the resources and encouragement you need as you make the commitment to your health and your future. Start on the road to recovery right now.

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