What are the Different Kinds of Drug Treatment?

Crisis or recovery?

What are the different kinds of drug treatment? If you or a loved one is searching for alcohol or drug treatment, the terminology can be very confusing. Detox, dual diagnosis, inpatient, outpatient, intensive outpatient, aftercare… it’s stressful enough trying to find the right kind of drug treatment without wondering what all these terms mean!

Let’s start off with detox. This is most often the first step in drug treatment. Many drugs − such as alcohol and benzodiazepines (“benzos,” e.g. Xanax and Valium) − have deadly withdrawals. Without them, addicts may experience fevers, nausea and seizure. It is imperative that addicts detoxify from these drugs in a controlled environment, under the care of a medical professional. Detox also provides intensive care for the other effects of withdrawal, whether or not they are deadly. Cocaine, meth, marijuana, heroin, and other opiates can all cause extreme physical and mental pain for addicts who are withdrawing. It is usually best to have doctors on standby in order to treat them.

Inpatient drug treatment is usually what is known as “rehab” in the popular imagination. There, patients live on the facility and attend groups, meetings and therapy sessions. Sometimes inpatient is part and parcel with detox treatment, while sometimes it follows detox. Inpatient continues to provide a controlled environment for the recovering addict, while guiding them throughout recovery and gradually exposing them to the outside world. Treatment most often takes place over the course of one to three months, but it may extend for as long as it is needed. There is wide variety of inpatient facilities, examples of which include: dual diagnoses treatment, alcohol treatment center, substance abuse treatment center, and Christian drug rehab.

After a patient leaves or “graduates” from inpatient, he or she often continues treatment in group and/or individual therapy sessions. Because the patient continues to receive treatment but is no longer living at the facility, these programs are referred to as outpatient. Outpatient programs that occur on a frequent basis and offer more services (such as random drug tests) are called intensive outpatient or “IOP.”

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