Why Inpatient is the Best Treatment

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Going to an inpatient treatment facility can be scary. You’re away from home, your family and your friends. You probably don’t know anyone there. Maybe for the first time in your life, you’re asked to do certain things: make your bed, do your chores, buy your own groceries. This can even be insulting for middle-aged patients who feel they’re being treated as children. Inpatient sound intimidating and discomforting, but there are good reasons why it’s the preferred method of treatment.

When many people first go to substance abuse treatment, they try outpatient. These are programs where the patient lives off of the facility’s grounds. They attend groups there and are perhaps even drug tested. Yet, they are living in the same old environment − environments that are usually toxic to their recovery. They are surrounded by triggers: the same people, places and things associated with their drug use. Even if they try to avoid their triggers, some contact is usually inevitable.

Addicts who are new to recovery are vulnerable. No matter how badly they want to recover, they don’t have the ability to make it on their own. That’s why inpatient is so often the best choice. Inpatient facilities provide a safe, drug-free environment for the newly recovering addict. This gives them the best chance to make a fresh start at life and learn to live without drugs or alcohol. It also gives them structure. They attend therapy, meetings, and partake in activities − all of which prevent boredom, which is often a reason for relapse.

Inpatient treatment provides other things that an outpatient program cannot offer. Many inpatient facilities have detox. Under the supervision of a doctor, the addict can get all of the drugs out of their system. This is can be better than weaning off of heroin, for example, by taking methadone or suboxone at an outpatient.

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