Willing to be Willing

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Jane Foster is an award-winning novelist originally from New Orleans. In 2013 she came out with bestseller Below Sea Level,which won the Illumination Book Award. Jane wrote the book to demystify rehab and show how a willing person can make a complete change with the help of God and fellowship. It is Jane’s mission to raise recovery awareness and remove any stigma on recovering addicts. Her hope is that Below Sea Level will be useful and comforting to all who read it. Below Jane discusses the importance of willingness.

Like some of you reading this, I did not want to stop my addiction. I knew I needed to dry out a little bit so I could remember how to get a divorce, but long-term sobriety was not my goal.

A woman in the program asked me if I were willing to give up drinking. I answered, “Certainly, not!” She asked me if I would be willing to become willing. I thought about that for a while. I told her if willingness came over me, well, then, okay, I would be willing. Strangely, she said to me, “That’s all you need.”

She was right. I don’t have any idea where the willingness came from. All I did was sit in meetings and listen as best I could. Often, I couldn’t tell you one thing that was said in the meeting, but I went twice a day in the beginning. I followed most suggestions, and slowly, I found myself admiring the people in the meetings.   I began to see how brave and honest they were. I saw how they made the world a better place. Personally, I had not been making the world a better place.

I became willing to be willing not to drink a day at a time, and it has been over twenty years since my last drink or drug.   Believe me, twenty years ago, I could barely write a sentence, and now I have written an award-winning novel. Many amazing things await you on your sober journey.

You can purchase “Below Sea Level” at http://www.amazon.com/Below-Sea-Level-Jane-Foster/dp/1627462414

Check out Newsmax TV’s interview with Jane at http://www.newsmax.com/NewsmaxTv/jane-foster-novel-addiction-alcoholism/2014/01/24/id/548932/

What others are saying about Below Sea Level:

“A wonderful lesson. I love it. It’s got to get out there.” Lily Pulitzer, iconic clothes designer and author

“Jane Foster does a beautiful job of capturing the sense of hope that comes with recovery” Dr. Barbara Krantz, Medical Director, Hanley Center

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